Conflict Resolution

On Monday, May 7, 2018 at Botanica, International speaker John Tyler invited the audience to consider a spiritual approach to CONFLICT RESOLUTION. This event was professionally recorded and will be available for viewing on this site soon.

Tyler was introduced by Wichita Police Chief, Gordan Ramsey, who first shared about the efforts of Wichita police to contribute to peace in our community.

In considering the question Is there really anything we can do to make a difference in a world that seems riddled with conflict, threats, and violence? John Tyler says, “There is a lot we can do! I’ve found in my own life that, through prayer and active love, we can find real solutions.

In Tyler’s talk, “Conflict Resolution: A Spiritual Approach,” he referenced the original sourcebook on Christian healing, the Bible, along with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, a book of universally applicable ideas on practical spirituality.

In this talk audiences will hear ideas on:
• Prayer-based action.
• How we can get involved in healing conflicts in our own lives and for the world, from century-old, divisive national conflict to a family fight.

John Tyler started his professional life working briefly as a labor organizer to protect exploited sweatshop workers. As a social activist he was concerned with solving “all the world’s problems.” He was involved in spiritual counseling of inmates in a state penitentiary. To help end the Cold War, he felt we must understand the underlying issues and build institutions to solidify a just society. He became research director of the Instituto Atlantico in Milan, Italy. Then, having earned degrees from schools on both sides of the Atlantic - at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris, and Princeton University, USA - he taught political science at Princeton and at the University of Pittsburgh. While teaching at the University of Pittsburgh, he founded a residence for students that seeks to heal racial divisions in America. For his involvement in this project he received the YWCA’s Racial Justice Award.

Before committing himself to full-time healing work as a Christian Science practitioner, John began to see that it was more important to understand and work within God’s government of the universe, rather than in man’s attempts to govern. This led him to a full-time profession of spiritual healing as a Christian Science practitioner. Despite his love of teaching, he discovered there is nothing as fulfilling as healing through scientific prayer.